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How to Ensure Your Child Has a Great Daycare Experience


GMS promotes inner discipline, self-assurance and preference for purposeful activity that allow the child to self-construct the true human personality.

Over 4.5 million children attend some form of daycare in the United States. If you are the parent of an infant or toddler, you know how hard it can be to leave them in another’s care. Parents who have to work outside of the home need the help of daycare facilities. Finding the right daycare facility will require extensive research. Taking the time to tour each of the daycare facilities in your area is a great way to figure out what each one has to offer.

At Greater Montessori School, we offer comprehensive and affordable daycare services. We also have pre-primary programs that are designed to stimulate the minds of children that are two to three years of age. Are you sending your child to daycare for the first time? If you want to make this experience easier for everyone involved, consider the great tips below.


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