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Montessori Early Education
Opens The Door To The World

Empower Your Child To Pursue Their Goals & Find Fulfillment

Montessori Early Education Opens The Door To The World

Empower Your Child To Pursue Their Goals & Find Fulfillment

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Columbia, Whittier, Frederick, Urbana, New Market, Brunswick, Ellicott City, Laurel, Elkridge, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Clarksville, MD

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The Montessori Prepared Environment offers your child everything they need for natural, self-led discovery and exploration that instills lifelong curiosity, confidence, and independence.

Experienced, Credentialed Staff Guide Your Child’s Formative Years

Your little learner explores their world with guidance from degreed and credentialed Montessori educators. With experience, a passion for early childhood education, and certification from the American Montessori Society (AMS), you know your child’s teachers are top-notch.

An Authentic Montessori Education For School-Readiness

We are an AMS-member, authentic Montessori school with a focus on nature, science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), literacy, and social-emotional learning. We provide an environment that fosters independence, helping to prepare your child for school.

Spacious Playgrounds Give Your Child Room To Discover Nature

Your child goes outdoors every day to run, climb, and explore the great outdoors. They work on gross motor development while building healthy muscles in the fresh air. Gardens help them connect with nature and learn responsibility and practical skills.

In-Room Reading Corners To Support Early Literacy Skills

Reading nooks in every Prepared Environment put books in your child’s hands every day. They begin to associate reading with feeling safe and comfortable, giving them a lifelong love and appreciation of the written word.

Peace Corners Foster Mindfulness, Reflection, & Better Self-Regulation

Your child’s classroom offers a Peace Corner, where they can head to get some quiet time to themselves. They learn to self-regulate when they’re feeling overstimulated and have a cozy spot to reflect and be mindful of their emotions. 

Included Specialty Classes Boost Their Communication & Creativity

An in-house Spanish teacher works with your child to gain valuable language skills that boost cognition and communication. A visiting music instructor gets them up and moving with fun songs that educate while they energize. 

Enrichments Like Yoga & Art To Expand Already Bright Horizons

Yoga, music, art, and gardening—all included in tuition—introduce them to new interests, build crucial mind-body connections, and encourage creativity. For a nominal fee, add Soccer Shots® to their routine to teach discipline, leadership, and teamwork in a fun, athletic setting. 

An Incredible Indoor Playroom For Movement In Any Weather

A little rain can’t stop your little learner from getting much-needed exercise and gross motor skills practice. An indoor playroom fosters healthy physical development and gives them the space to play games and burn energy for better focus.

Healthy, Nut-Free Daily Snacks, At No Extra Cost

Your child receives fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and cold milk daily to keep them full between meals. In a nut-free environment, worry less about exposure to allergens. Simply pack a lunch each day; snacks are always on the house.

Reliable Communication Via Two Convenient Smartphone Apps

For children under 2, you receive adorable daily photos and updates on diapering, meals, naps, and activities on the Procare® Connect app. Teachers use Montessori Compass to inform you of your older child’s weekly progress with photos and activity reports.

Owned & Operated By Family & Friends To Welcome Your Family

Enjoy a warm welcome that feels like home for you and your child. Experience the loving care and dedication of a family and friends-owned and operated center that focuses on fulfilling your family’s educational needs. 

Learn More About The Montessori Method With Parent Education Classes


We keep the doors locked at all times and ask that parents transition their child(ren) with the Procare® Connect touchless check-in station. We also have an internal-use security camera system for added safety. Fenced playgrounds keep children secure and shielded from street view while outdoors.

Staff keep classrooms and common areas sparkling clean with thorough daily cleaning and sanitization. 

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