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“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”

- Maria Montessori
Montessori + A Whole-Child Approach = Future Success
Montessori + A Whole-Child Approach = Future Success

Montessori + A Whole-Child Approach = Future Success

Montessori Methods encourage your little one to explore their surroundings and follow their interests with curiosity. Through a whole-child approach to learning, they build a wide range of skills to help them succeed in school and life.

Montessori is a type of education that encourages hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and collaborative play. Montessori-certified teachers follow a curriculum that adapts to your child’s individual needs, abilities, and goals so they can progress at their own unique pace.

In the Montessori classroom, your child learns in a beautiful, naturally lit, soothing prepared environment that encourages and supports their learning journey. Specially designed, organized Montessori Materials welcome self-experimentation, self-exploration, and self-discovery.

Your child becomes adaptable to diverse professional, personal, and academic opportunities through the independence and collaborative skills they gain from Montessori teachings. They have expert communication and problem-solving skills and the confidence and self-esteem to achieve all their goals and dreams.

An authentic Montessori experience works toward developing the whole child using Montessori Philosophies in a prepared environment. There are some core principles that authentic Montessori schools, like GMS, follow:
  • Trained & Certified Montessori Teachers
  • AMS Affiliation
  • Multi-Age Classrooms
  • Authentic Montessori Materials In A Prepared Environment
  • Child-Directed Activities
  • Uninterrupted Work Periods
  • Whole-Child Development Practices
  • Guide Students Towards Becoming Compassionate Global Citizens
  • Grace & Courtesy Lessons
  • Practical Life & Cosmic Awareness

Self-Directed Learning Tailored To Your Child’s Needs & Pace

We believe that “Real Education is the freedom to absorb and learn” and encourage your child to choose the materials and activities that interest them to enhance concentration, attention, and self-discipline. Self-paced learning leads to a significant improvement in memory and knowledge retention.
Self-Directed Learning Tailored To Your Child’s Needs & Pace
Social-Emotional Learning Equips Your Child For Life

Social-Emotional Learning Equips Your Child For Life

Loving teachers deliver powerful strategies to guide your little one through mastering their emotions. Through group activities, your child learns to regulate emotions independently, express their feelings, and respect others. These crucial social-emotional skills build positive relationships throughout life.

An Authentic Montessori Education Prepares Your Child For Kindergarten

Your child learns in an authentic Montessori environment focusing on social-emotional learning, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), literacy, and nature to ensure they become kindergarten-ready. Their curriculum, adopted from the late Dr. Maria Montessori, includes 13 areas of study:

An Authentic Montessori Education Prepares Your Child For Kindergarten
Develops social skills and personal independence as your child learns self- and environmental-care strategies while strengthening fine motor skills. Practical Life activities consist of 4 categories: Preliminary activities, care of Self, care of the environment, & social graces and courtesies.

Sensory materials refine the senses & develop cognitive skills such as thinking, judging, associating, & comparing.

An understanding of quantity is the first mathematical problem your child faces; They begin with simple numbers and progress to the abstract, like measuring & counting.
Your little scholar follows a step-by-step phonetic approach to learning reading and writing through a tailored program unique to their abilities. They begin with isolating the sounds that makeup words, then move on to identifying the physical letters based on their sounds, and finally, they learn how to decode sounds in individual words.

Your child enhances their listening skills and develops critical thinking through storytime.

Because every child has an inherent curiosity about the world, teachers introduce them to physical and cultural aspects.

Your child explores the biological aspects of their environment through botany and zoology. Their Reggio-inspired science program also incorporates many other science exploration and discovery opportunities using fun monthly themes.
Grace & courtesy lessons give your child the vocabulary, actions, and steps to build awareness and responsiveness of those around them.
Exposure to music & movement enhances your little one’s problem-solving skills, physical coordination, poise, concentration, memory, language skills, self-discipline, & self-confidence.
Learning a second (or third!) language at a young age gives your little one a competitive edge in the future.
A Reggio-inspired art program introduces your little Picasso to many artists & their methods. Your child practices various art techniques & creates their own little masterpieces.
Your child looks forward to new themes every month, full of engaging materials and books. Some examples are Food & Nutrition, Farms, Space, Dinosaurs, Cultures of the World, Animals of the World, & more!

Children associate history with the awareness of themselves within the bounds of time. Your child learns how to use calendars, chart the days of the week, months, & seasons, and how time awareness is a vital part of life.

Your Child Heads Off To Kindergarten Reading & Ready For School—Guaranteed.

Enrichments & Specialty Classes Enhance Cognition & Motor Skills

Enrichments & Specialty Classes Enhance Cognition & Motor Skills

Music and Movement classes paired with Spanish lessons are included in your child’s tuition to enhance their language, cognition, and communication skills. Other all-inclusive enrichments include yoga, art, and gardening. Soccer Shots® (available at a nominal fee) builds leadership, teamwork, and motor skills.

Boost Academic Performance With Daily Outdoor Exploration

Your little one regularly takes their active discovery outdoors as they explore their natural environment, engage their curiosity, think critically, enhance focus, and develop strong self-esteem and confidence. Their outdoor environment features:

Boost Academic Performance With Daily Outdoor Exploration
Boost Academic Performance With Daily Outdoor Exploration
Onsite Parenting Courses For Guidance & Support

Onsite Parenting Courses For Guidance & Support

Join your GMS family for parent education sessions that bring Montessori Methods to life. Through an extensive parenting library, resources, and courses, learn what you can do at home to support your child’s early education and help them reach their full potential.

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