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Why Montessori

Montessori is a form of education that respects the child and his/her desire to learn. A Montessori teacher respects the child and engages him as a partner in learning. Students are encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. Children with Montessori background and bases are always seen thriving as they grow. We at Greater Montessori School believe strongly in Montessori philosophy and deliver it to our best.

Montessori education is fundamentally a model of human development, and an educational approach based on that model. The model has two basic principles. First, children and developing adults engage in psychological self-construction by means of interaction with their environments. Second, children, especially under the age of six, have an innate path of psychological development. Based on her observations, Montessori believed that children at liberty to choose and act freely within an environment prepared according to her model would act spontaneously for optimal development.

Maria Montessori envisioned a peaceful and dynamic world where all growth- physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual- could proceed according to each individual’s and family’s needs to the benefit of all humanity. Maria Montessori felt the child truly holds the Key to Peace on our planet.