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A Message from Head of the School

Jean Marshall

I am very excited to become a part of the Greater Montessori School. The way I work is first I try to know each child, family and staff member to help provide the most nurturing and academically, interactive curriculum.

I am planning to help enrich your child's learning experience by a designating a theme based curriculum for the summer months to compliment the Montessori lessons and materials. I will provide the title of the weekly theme and develop lessons in arts and crafts, recreational time, storytelling and music to enhance the theme. Next week the children will be learning about all types of sports; soccer, baseball, track and field, and tennis.

The classroom teachers will be generating ideas for enjoyable activities that your child can participate in. I am also encouraging any outside parental participation. If you have something you would like to send in, to share with the other students, please put your child's name on it and alert the teacher in the morning, If you happen to be a specialist in the topic of enjoyment and want to present something; for example during occupation week, you may have a job that the children would love to learn about.

This is only the beginning of our theme based curriculum, but next week I will present a theme calendar for the entire summer. I also plan to discuss with you, the other summer activities that will be ongoing throughout July and August.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop me a line at info@greatermontessori.com