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A Message from Head of the School

Lorna Dever

Years ago, when I took my Montessori training, the directress of my class gave everyone a small, framed quote as a gift. The beautifully presented gift read, “You must do something to make the world more beautiful”. Those words touched me deeply and I kept that framed quote on my dresser at home as a constant reminder to me. As I continued my work in the classrooms, I tried always to make at least my small world – my classroom community – beautiful. Beauty can mean many different things and to me beauty comes from the inside, from the heart and from the spirit and the soul. It is with this in my mind that I always live my life.

When I was hired at Greater Montessori School I was hired as a teacher and I loved the idea of getting to know each of the teachers and each of the children, so I gladly went from room to room, assisting wherever and with whatever I could. Before long, I was offered the Director position and when it was offered to me, I was deeply moved and said I would love the opportunity. So, I have taken on the role and I can honestly say that I am inspired each day by the families that enter and leave from our school. We all are working together to make a home away from home for all of our children. We take our responsibilities very seriously but also, we truly enjoy giving our knowledge and our love to the children in our care. And now, when I go home at night and I look at that gift that was given to me so many years ago, I feel a deep happiness and pride because I know, now, that I do make the world a little more beautiful every day. So please, won’t you come to our wonderful school and take a tour? We feel sure that you, too, will see how beautiful the Greater Montessori School is.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop me a line at lorna@greatermontessori.com